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4 thoughts on “ Poignant River

  1. A poignant moment came at a healing ceremony under a year-old willow oak at Shirley Plantation on the banks of the James River. In his third chapter, Rieger talks about postcolonialism from a particularly poignant Western-academic viewpoint.
  2. "Healing River" is an excellent movie. Engaging and poignant, this movie tackles one of the deepest, most powerful tenets of Faith. And does it incredible well. Which I didn't expect, because I don't usually like faith-based type movies as they're usually preachy, or corny, or just plain lame with mediocre or bad acting. Not this one.
  3. -- Publishers Weekly, "Vividly, the poetic power of The Concrete River casts the reader soul-first into the poignant presence of father and children, into the furious heat of steel factory work, and finally into the eyes of the poet which are necessary in order to see 'the .
  4. Charlotte Observer "James Sallis writes wonderfully….That he is a poet somehow must influence his use of language, although he is not flowery, if that's what "poet" brings to mind"-- Andi Schecter, I Love A Mystery " the powerful and atmospheric short novel Salt River excels as a poignant character study and darkly riveting mystery.

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