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2 thoughts on “ Horses - Dark, Darker

  1. Jan 17,  · Horses with considerable amounts of pheomelanin (bay, chestnut, buckskin, palomino, dun) are especially sensitive to dietary changes. Linseed oil, alfalfa, clover, and legume hay make hair darker. Many young chestnut foals become quite dark after shedding their baby coats from the large supply of maternal milk and a good spring diet.
  2. Chestnut horses can either have a flaxen or blonde mane and tail or the same color as their coat. If the mane and tail is darker than the coat, the horse is called a sorrel. Dun: The dun horse has yellowish hair with black skin. Buckskin horses are dun-colored with black lower limbs, black mane and tail, and a dorsal stripe.

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